Butler Therapy, Inc.

Marriage and Family Therapist, MFC 39893

Alleen the Yellow Labrador and Wanda the Golden Retriever were part of my office team from 2006 - 2016. Originally they were destined to be Guide Dogs, and started their life as puppies in my home. However, they were both disqualified for health issues and released from that career path. Guide Dogs of the Desert, their agency, was thrilled to hear that they could both have jobs in service, capitalizing on their good natures and gentle behavior to support clients in my counseling office. They happily settled into days working in the office, being part of the healing environment, eager dispensers of love and recipients of treats. They were a wonderful team, each providing different elements of entertainment, humor and gentle support. They took their jobs very seriously and loved everyone who came every day. 

They are both deeply missed and fully appreciated for the support they provided.

Thank you, ladies.

Alleen and Wanda