Butler Therapy, Inc.

Marriage and Family Therapist, MFC 39893

Meet Pax.  His name means "peace" in Latin, and he lives up to his name.  He is a very mellow, sweet Labrador who joined the company in late 2016 at two years old.  His main job is to greet you at the gate and escort you to the office and then promptly go to sleep.  He takes his job very seriously and hopes that you will enjoy having him nearby. 

For allergy sufferers, there is no way around the dog hair, so please plan accordingly with any medication that may make your time more comfortable.  Lint rollers are provided to help with any dog hair you may encounter during your visit.  (You will.  Trust me.)

If your allergies or your preference not to meet a large dog at all is a concern, please advise me ahead of your scheduled appointment and I will easily arrange to have him nap elsewhere.

He is extremely fond of children in particular and is very gentle with them. We all must work together to ensure that your child's experience with a new dog is smooth and enjoyable.  So please, take the opportunity to help teach your child about meeting a dog, being respectful of his job, and reinforcing the positive experience. 

Pax looks forward to meeting you soon.